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The "Unthrottle-able" week

I started my internship wanting to push myself like nothing else mattered:

"Get seven days of work done in one and you'll be good"

Not counting weekend time (which I spent on stuff other than work!?), I came close clinching the finish of my first assignment plus its projected stretch goals at the end of Day 8 (or beginning of Day 9 ~12:30am?)

Interestingly, I noticed a trend in many of the workdays, where between 11:30am and 3:00pm, my brain would quite literally, shut down, and progress would seem to halt...
Despite my colleagues' and friends' advice, my time spent during the evenings, while perhaps less efficient I still believe I experienced some progress

Although yesterday my mentor really drilled into me that

"Throwing more time at a problem doesn't improve results, in fact, more often the opposite"

Today, after getting good progress with strong, consistent focus throughout the day, I simply was too exhausted to keep my eyes open by 5pm.
In fact, I was so tired I actually began packing up at a normal time, and managed to fit impromptu dinner with a friend also working nearby!

By the time I got home and cycling through the social media I'd missed while at work, I actually mentally recovered and was able to power through and quite efficiently solve problems I felt infinitely stuck on at work!

"Ignore anything, but don't ignore advice #3: Don't overwork"

During the school year I had immense success by scheduling consistent activities at the same time every day (Gym @ 2:30PM) that had lapsed during Q3 midterms/finals and accurately forecasted my lapses in scores...

Perhaps I should begin biking to work -- the morning commute would be longer perhaps by 15-30min max, but the nightly schedule would be about the same while vastly increasing efficiency, productivity, and lifestyle standards.


Some of my experiments

Some of my experiments

and more...

and more...

Results + Immediate plans



  • Dynamic Element Control
    • tee``valve
    • input-selector
    • videomix``sink_# property-shorthandzorder, alpha, xpos, ypos
    • videobox
  • Dynamic Property Control
    • capsfilter``videorate, videoscale
    • alpha
  • Interesting notes:
    • Webcam demands priorities
      • Resolution must match hardware
      • Requires priority in pipeline
      • Requires time to re-negotiate and re-render dynamic changes
    • Shorthand capfilter sucks


  • Keylogging
  • Multithreading
    • Reset Timers
  • Lambda Applications


  • Bezier Curves

Computer Building

  • Mounting
    • Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, Power Supply, Fans, Storage
  • PowerHandle incrementally with mountingVGA, SATA, PCI...Misc.
  • Booting
    • Make Bootable USB


  • Document demos, keyboard, timer and bezier libraries
  • OpenCV
  • Bike to work and back
Joseph Zhong

Joseph Zhong

“The brick walls give us a chance to show how badly we want something. They stop people who don’t want it badly enough.” ― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

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